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About us

Elegance Pole and Fitness Studio is the only pole dance studio in Bangkok primarily focusing on exotic pole style and we have a variety of classes such as Exotic pole, Pole tricks, Pole sport, Strength & conditioning, Floorwork, Stretch & Flexibility, Flexi Tricks and host a variety of workshops.

Our vision is to inspire women to enhance their confidence and femininity in themselves and create a safe and non - judgmental space for people to get fit and express their individuality.

Our 8 week courses is our unique feature, run on spinning pole which we run with an international curriculum where students progress through each level, learning spins and combos plus dancing technique and a choreography to a song. This fosters a comfortable and safe class environment where students can make friend and learn with the same classmates throughout the 8 weeks, instructors can easily track each student's progress & easily assist with any difficulties, safety within the class, constant revision and attention to detail, improve students strength, flexibility and fitness level. Students then graduate to the next level through our end of term performance in week 8 and are rewarded with a graduation certificate for participation.

At Elegance we also highly respect students privacy but not allowing recording or posting on social media without all students' consents so our students feel safe.

We offer a warm and welcoming environment to ensure all students feel comfortable to be themselves during classes so that each student has a chance to learn and grow with sufficient mentor from the instructor. We ensure that each student is provided with their own pole during routine classes with maximum student capability of 10 students per class.

We promote a ‘student and instructor’ friendly environment with no criticisms and each individual is appreciated for their own capabilities and traits. We do set goals but we also respect that each individual learns at their own pace and that pole and fitness is for leisure. We are a place where exercise, inspiration, motivation and enjoyment are present in every class.