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About us

Elegance Pole and Fitness Studio is an exclusive studio dedicated to exotic and pole art and is founded by Nikki who is inspired by elegance and grace on the pole. She believes that everyone can learn to become graceful and elegant whilst enhancing their confidence and fitness to achieve a perfect mind and body through pole and fitness. All pole dance routine classes taught by Nikki follow the exotic pole style.

Elegance differs from other pole studios in that we focus on mental well -being as well as physical. We offer a warm and welcoming environment with smaller class sizes so that each student has a chance to learn and grow with sufficient mentor from the instructor. We ensure that each student is provided with their own pole during routine classes with maximum student capability of 7 per class.

We promote a ‘student and instructor’ friendly environment with no criticisms and each individual is appreciated for their own capabilities and traits. We do set goals but we also respect that each individual learns at their own pace and that pole and fitness is for leisure. We are a place where exercise, inspiration, motivation and enjoyment are present in every class.

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